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Alaskan Essence Consultation

Flower Essence

Flower, gem and environmental essences, or vibration essences, can offer an up to the minute solution for those seeking holistic answers to the challenges presented by our rapidly changing world. Interest in the use of flower essences is currently growing enormously as more and more people reach a level of awareness that leads them to look for natural ways to create greater unity and wholeness in their lives.

Each essence contains the life force or energy imprint of a particular flower, gem or environmental influence. These beautiful energies provide a positive balancing force, which in a natural gentle way help to release the energetic patterning of old thoughts, attitudes and emotional issues that no longer serve us. This simple system of re-patterning effects change at a causal level offering us the powerful opportunity to bring harmony and balance to body, emotions, mind, & spirit.

The consultation will last approximately an hour, during which time any issues will be aired and a programme of essences will be selected to address any imbalances or areas of enhancement.

The essences used will be primarily from the Alaskan Essence range. More information of these stunning essences can be found at www.alaskanessences.com